Our Environment

Trees: 4 mature maples in back yard, 1 in front, 1 aged blue spruce, 1 redbud tree and many saplings.
Saplings: Walnut, Elm, Maple, Oak (Bur Oak, others), Mulberry, Euonymus

Native plants: Creeping Charlie, Queen Anne's Lace, Poison Ivy, Golden Wood Poppy, Thistle, Goldenrod , Nightshade, Virginia Blue Bell,
Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Solomon's Seal, May Apples, Wild Ginger, Trilliums(Sessile Red and Yellow, Erectum),Goutweed,various grasses
Cultivated Plants: Primroses, Oriental Poppies, Hellebores, Pulmonaria, Hostas, Spring Bulbs, Japanese Anemone, Trumpetvine, Daylilies, Tiger Lilies,
Mint and Lemon Balm, Chinese Lantern, Raspberry vines, New England Asters, Milkweed (if seeding takes), Butterfly Weed, Goutweed

We are going to start with the pond microenvironment: A Small Freshwater Pond, water moved by pumps, 11 goldfish mixtures, Water Lilies, couple of Aerator plants
Supports Green Frog, American Toad, Water Striders, "Aquatic" Spiders, Dragonflies and Damselflies,
Supports Wild Animals: Raccoon, Possum, Skunk, Feral Cats, Grey Squirrels, various Birds

Goin' Home for the Day Sideline: What is the difference in a Bug and a Beetle? Look here ..

A topic that is very important in studying communities of living things is Symbiosis.